Meet Our Team



Ann B.           - Registered Pharmacist

Greg L.       - Registered Pharmacist

Thomas M.    - Registered Pharmacist

Thomas W.    - Registered Pharmacist

Pharmacy Staff

Amalia      - Pharmacy Technician

Andrew     - Pharmacy Technician

Isabel        - Pharmacy Technician

Morgan     - Pharmacy Technician

Miki          - Pharmacy Technician 

Shelly        - Pharmacy Technician 

Edward     - Pharmacy Technician 

Robin        - Pharmacy Technician 

Office Staff

Suzan      - Store Manager, Registered Nurse, Pharmacy Technician

Faith        - Bookkeeper, Human Resources Manager, Notary Public 

Andrea    - Administrative Assistant

Store-Front Staff

Cliff            - Floor Supervisor, Customer Service

Rene          - Customer Service

Brandy      - Customer Service

Fabian       - Customer Service

Sequoia     - Customer Service

BIG News!

We are proud to announce that we will now be able to provide our services to more West County patients at our sister store, Sebastopol Family Pharmacy.

Follow the link below to visit our website.

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