Meet Our Team


Meet Your Pharmacists

  Our Pharmacist-In-Charge, Ann Blancke grew up in New Jersey and moved to California after graduating from Rutgers University College of Pharmacy. Ann has been our pharmacist since July, 2013. Prior to that she served as Pharmacist-In-Charge at CVS. At 15 she walked into a ‘Mom and Pop’ pharmacy looking for a job and started working there that same day. 


“I cherish my unique pharmacy experience. I started at a pharmacy typing labels on a typewriter! I’ve witnessed first-hand the profession blossom into an incredible, clinical/patient-centered practice.  

As pharmacists we are always there to help our patients achieve their best health possible. Now we have so many ways to further that ideal. At Larks we provide immunizations, Medication Therapy Management, birth control, emergency contraception, smoking cessation aides, and Naloxone. 


It’s been a pleasure working again at a ‘Mom and Pop’ pharmacy with its charm and personal customer service all the while embracing the current best health practices”.  

Ann has earned the designation of HIV Pharmacist™ by the American Academy of HIV Medicine and been on the Marin County AIDS Task Force – Drug Utilization Committee. She has also authored and designed the Pharmacy Technician Training Program for Boston Reed.


  Staff pharmacist Greg Levy grew up in Lodi, California. Upon graduation from high school, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts where he completed his Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2013. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from MCPHS University. After completing his degree, he moved to Sonoma country, where he lives with his soon-to-be wife and cat. He joined the pharmacy in March of 2019.

“I very much enjoy the life of a pharmacist. In high school, I spent time shadowing the pharmacist at  a local 'Mom and Pop' pharmacy and decided then that this was the profession for me. 

The town looked to the pharmacist for support, care and for answers to their  questions— questions about drugs, health and any number of other topics. I strive to be the type of pharmacist with whom patients feel comfortable they can turn to for help and guidance in regards to their health. 

I've been with the Lark family for a short time now, but I've enjoyed every minute of it. The towns of Guerneville and Sebastopol have such a great sense of community and uniqueness to them. I look forward to serving these communities with love and care for years to come.”

Prior to Larks, Greg's most recent work experiences were in the world of compounding pharmacy with an emphasis on quality assurance. He worked as Pharmacist-In-Charge at Health First in Windsor, staff pharmacist at Animal Solutions in Santa Rosa and staff pharmacist at Koshland Pharmacy in San Francisco. 


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Office Staff

Suzan      - Store Manager, Registered Nurse, Pharmacy Technician

Faith        - Bookkeeper, Human Resources Manager, Notary Public 

Andrea    - Administrative Assistant

Store-Front Staff

Cliff            - Floor Supervisor, Customer Service

Rene          - Customer Service

Brandy      - Customer Service

Fabian       - Customer Service

Sequoia     - Customer Service

BIG News!

We are proud to announce that we will now be able to provide our services to more West County patients at our sister store, Sebastopol Family Pharmacy.

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